Revisiting Our Friend Dr. King, and Some Exciting News

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This week I am sharing some exciting news. I will be traveling to Washington D.C. to be part of Digital Learning Day live! I will be bringing my students along with me, well their digital work at least. It has been a long and interesting journey this digital road I travel.  If you are just joining the conversation, go back and review a few of the previous blog posts, and you will learn more about our digital writing journey.

I have been asked to share my preparations and time at the event with my colleagues at Digital Is and the National Writing Project.  I will be posting a few times each week and all day at the event and beyond. This is a link to the Digital Learning Day schedule. Please consider joining this national event. It is going to be another great year.

I will be sharing our work at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time during the Lessons in Action time of day. What lesson do you ask? Well, that is in development as we speak. My students are creating blogs about topics they are passionate about. We just returned from a 3 week winter break, and I have selected one of the most passionate people in history, Dr. Marting Luther King Jr. to kick off our new year. Students will be analyzing his speech called “What’s Your Life’s Blueprint?” and write a response to his speech to post on your own blog. It is my hope that in asking students to create a blueprint, they will then focus their own research and writing on their true passions

 Dr. King, an Introduction to …



Below is a link to the speech and our lesson for the week. Feel free to join us in writing your own blueprint and share your insights on our comment page.

Here is a link to a youtube video with an auditory of the speech itself.