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Writing With Pictures: Step 5 - Encapsulation

Written by Nick Kremer
July 11, 2012

Step 5: Encapsulation

            With an outline of events and composition space now established, the author is next ready to encapsulate his/her images – to make calculated decisions regarding the manner in which to depict the characters, artifacts, and events of each panel.  Much like a photographer, an illustrator must consider perspective, framing, and posture/positioning, all of which are explained in detail in the following podcast, using technical artwork from the great Will Eisner as examples.

            INSTRUCTIONS: After watching the podcast, work your way panel by panel through you composition, bearing in mind the elements of encapsulation as you lightly pencil a rough sketch of each scene.  Use only simple drawings – “stick people”, boxes, etc. – at this point to designate merely a general sense of the visualized final product.