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Writing With Pictures: Step 3 - Closure

Written by Nick Kremer
July 11, 2012

Step 3: Closure

            An essential literacy component within a sequential art narrative (the technical term for a comic) is closure – the often unconscious process a reader goes through of ‘closing the gap’ between panels (isolated images) of the story.  Though images themselves play a crucial part of the narrative, it is the “gutter” that exists between these panels where most of the reading takes place.  In the following video podcast, I illustrate how closure works in a comic and the degree to which it allows the author to control a reader’s perception of the narrative.

            INSTRUCTIONS: After watching the podcast, go back to the list of images you generated from your text and consider the amount of closure between them.  Add additional images at places where you feel the “jump” between images might be too confusing for readers to deduce on their own.  Eliminate images where you feel redundancy or where you want to give readers imaginative license to reach their own visualizations of the story.