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Writing With Pictures: Step 2 - Think Visually

Written by Nick Kremer
July 11, 2012

Step 2: Think Visually

            A trait shared by all good writing is its descriptiveness, its ability to invoke intended sensory experiences in its readers.  When we read a traditional prose text, we often visualize it in internalized images.  In fact, students are quite used to finding and discussing the specific language that evokes these visualizations in our ELA classrooms.  Therefore, illustration is a fairly natural extension of what already occurs in the reading and writing process – it is merely making explicit what already exists implicitly. 

            INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully re-read your text.  As you do, keep a running list of every image that enters your mind as you read.  You may find it useful to highlight or underline (and numerically notate) the specific language that evoked each image.  Think of yourself as a photographer in the story, taking “snapshots” of everything worth reporting.