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Writing Longer, Writing Stronger: Writers' Conferences

Written by Michele Aronson
March 30, 2011


I’m working on writing long! In my head I am thinking: “just write.”

I’m working on keeping my readers interested by adding: Detail, Action, Emotions

A few comments overheard while the students were SKYPING:

“I just read the story about your little sister. I absolutely love how you went from talking about memories from the past with all of the dialogue (talking), to the future. That flowed really nice.”

“Mr. Mitchell, I’m so proud of my partner!” (She was impressed by her kiddo’s revisions (Caleb) and felt so happy to be part of that growth.

Sophia grade 3 in response to her writing partners question: “If I could have said one more thing to my Uncle before he died I would have said “I love you.”

“I think that you could help the reader understand more about how you feel about your dog by mentioning what you like to do with your dog.”

“My writing partner (Cassie) has a great laugh”.

“I think you should try combining sentences because you have a lot of short sentences clumped together. For example, instead of saying “She lives with our fish, Swimmy. He has a lot of energy.” You could say, “She lives with our fish, Swimmy, and he has a lot of energy.” The sentences flow better that way, so try combining some more like that.”

“I’m sorry your gram died, but maybe you could describe what she was like before she died.”

Pretty amazing work, don’t you think?