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Writing Longer, Writing Stronger: Meeting Face to Face

Written by Michele Aronson
March 30, 2011

We had the opportunity to meet our writing partners face to face a few weeks ago. It was impressive to see the 3rd grade students reach out and hug their high school partners, who reached down to return the affection. Chatter immediately filled the room, and then they were off and writing! Writing partners rotated through an assortment of writing centers that I had provided where they wrote in teams of two and shared their work with others. The motivation and enthusiasm created by this project has literally spilled across the pages of my student’s writer’s notebooks.

Reluctant writers have grown into engaged and motivated authors who work to produce writing that will be ready in time for the weekly video conference with their high school partners. Revision is now clearly a part of their writing process as my 3rd graders take the feedback given by their high school partners seriously and work to improve their piece.