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Writing Longer, Writing Stronger: Jumping In

Written by Michele Aronson
March 30, 2011

I literally jumped into this project with a “yee hah” and a prayer, troubleshooting as we went, solving a variety of SKYPE snafus that had to do with audio and/or video, flurries of emails, blog barriers as simple as how the heck do you post and label, and the occasional frantic cell phone call at 10:18 a.m. while students all over the classroom yelled into their mikes: “Can you hear me?”

Through it all, the students have embraced each other as they build this unlikely community of writers: hesitant 3rd graders who have an assortment of writing challenges including phonetic spelling and the proverbial “I’m all done”, and AP English students who are working hard to draw the stories out of these young writers.

You can find our work at:

When you click on the student authors’ names, you’ll see a variety of writing they’ve done to date: personal narratives and non fiction pieces. You’ll be able to read the high school students “praise and polish”, and then in red text, the 3rd grade author’s attempt at revision using their writing partners feedback. In addition the 3rd graders followed prompts that highlighted their job as writers during a video conference.