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What's Your Type?

Written by Kevin Hodgson
September 24, 2012

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So, what type are you?

If you are up for a little online psychoanalysis, try out Pentagram’s What Type Are You? quiz, in which you are asked a series of questions about your temperment, and then the questioner (a faceless entity who gets impatient with you as you choose) walks you through four main questions. You are asked, are you:

  • Rational or Emotional?
  • Understated or Assertive?
  • Traditional or Progressive?
  • Relaxed or Disciplined?

Then, using those choices, the site determines which font represents you. Sure, it’s a gimic, but it is fascinating to see how emotions connect to font choices, and it raises the larger questions of how fonts impact the words we write and the text we read.

By the way, my font is Bifur. I’m not sure this is the font I would use for most of my writing but it does have a certain … look. 

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