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What I'm thinking "now..."

What I'm thinking "now..."

Written by Tony Iannone
November 08, 2011

A sense of calm has come to me as I begin composing the last page of this resource. “Bringing Twitter” into my 3rd grade classroom isn’t as easy as training students to summarize digitally what they learned during a Social Studies lesson. It’s much more complicated than that. It involves a willingness to think and reflect. That thinking and reflecting is happening with my colleagues at school as we attempt to find individuals or groups that our students can enter into conversation with as it relates to what they are learning. The thinking and reflecting continues with my UNC-Charlotte Writing Project peeps as well as we continue to figure how “bringing technologies” like Twitter into the classroom provide moments for learning in new ways. For example, my class is currently following Discovery Education on Twitter. Discovery Education has a streaming video feature that teachers can use to supplement the materials they are already using in their classrooms. I use it to show short video clips to my students that relate to the Social Studies concepts we are learning about. We compare and contrast what we see in the videos with what we see (or do not see) in our Social Studies textbook. I’m currently thinking with my 3rd grade colleagues as to how to enter into a conversation with the Discovery Education Twitter feed.

Knowing that my 3rd grade colleagues and UNC-Charlotte Writing Project peeps are interested in engaging in this sort of conversation is what keeps me willing to expose the fluidity of my own thinking about my practice…with them. I can honestly tell you that there were several times during the writing of this resource that I felt like giving up and scrapping the whole thing! I felt angry, rebellious, unwilling to accept what I was hearing from my colleagues. Then I’d attempt to re-group, re-read what they were “saying” both in person and in their emails and Skype chats. The power of the group’s willingness to think and work collaboratively made the Lone Techie Teacher yield to…and…ultimately…re-enter the conversation. It is THIS conversation that we constructed with each other that has allowed me to bring “it” to this point…realizing NOW that YOU will help ME keep “it” going! 

Want to know more about the people and ideas behind this resource?  Click the image below to link to Digital Is (K)not, a resource to tie resources together, created by the UNC Charlotte Writing Project.

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