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Written by Christina Puntel
July 28, 2013

Image originally uploaded on 2013-07-29 09:42In the process, we train ourselves towards generativity and production and away from negativity and stagnation.  We also become makers, not grade makers or number assigners or red pen wielding markers.  We make knowledge about teaching from our students’ work.  From participating in a session to look closely at an augmented reality poster created by one of Erin Klein’s 2nd graders, I brainstormed a million ideas for my 9-12 Spanish class.  When we described a Google Doc book review written by one of Jeremy Hyler’s 8th grade students, she reminded me of students with whom I’ve developed incredible relationships with over time around digital work.  These are students I would never normally get to know in the classroom, but I see them in the work, and our relationships evolve from there.  At a session around a group of freshmen’s dystopian iMovie, I learned about the technical vocabulary involved in the production of films, the wide shot, the cut in, the over the shoulder shot.  I learned to see the many choices students had in editing the film, and this helps me when we produce iMovies in my own class together.

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