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Written by Tony Iannone
November 08, 2011

The Lone Techie Teacher/hero narrative is an easy one to slide “back” towards…especially when considering the nature of this Digital Is project. Think about it…why would I NOT want YOU to SEE ME as anything less than a guy more than capable of “bringing Twitter” into his classroom? WHY would YOU even consider trying something similar if I DID NOT construct the narrative any other way? This resource is currently in its fourth major revision because each time I attempted to slide “forwards” into a more critical/reflective stance, the Lone Techie Teacher kept wanting to tell his story!! The thinking reflected within this resource would NOT be in its current “position” if it were not for the ongoing conversation I am engaged in with my UNC-Charlotte Writing Project peeps!! I say “position” because I feel that my (our) thinking about our practice is always fluid. Just go back into my attachment titled: The Mess Behind the Resource if you don’t believe me!