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Video Game Design: Standards, Knowledge, Skills, and Understandings

Written by Jamaal Davis
November 27, 2017

Learner goal is to use design thinking to create their own playable video game with the Bloxels Builder app and Bloxels Box Set.

Learners will be able to determine what makes a well-designed video game; with an introduction to game design concepts, character design, level design, and evaluating and testing video game mechanics.

Essential Questions:

  • What makes a game fun?
  • How can we use design thinking to innovate?
  • How can we utilize feedback to improve a design?
  • How do game designers use game mechanics?


  • Design thinking is a mental model that utilizes rapid prototyping with multiple iterations based around a wealth of user feedback.
  • Effective design requires willingness to show users your unfinished work.
  • Understanding that design thinking is a mental model that can be applied to everyday challenges.

Students will Know …

  • The components of designing  a video game
  • The process of design thinking
  • The pros and cons of designing a video game  with a team 
  • Effective ways to evaluate a video game based on established criteria

Students will be able to…

  • Construct a multi-level video  game on their own, without any programming experience
  • Use design thinking
  • Evaluate and test video games for balance
  • Develop a rapid product prototype