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Using Advanced Features of MS Word for Peer Editing

Written by Gary Pope
January 25, 2011

My students used Microsoft Word for Peer Editing. They used the following features:

  1. Track Changes
  3. Save Versions

There are a variety of programs available to do this. The editing is done in several passes, a few “pages” at a time. The quasi-discrete nature of the CYOA genre lend itself perfectly to many revision cycles in a period. A student could give feedback to others and incorporate feedback from others several times in a period.

The general idea:

  1. Students switched to a different computer and review/edit using track changes. They inserted comments like, “Got confused here”…”Awkward”. Allowed about 10-15 minutes for the students to do the review. They then switched back, the owner “accept” or “reject” the changes. We would do this a few times period or as necessary.
  2. There would also be blocks of time for writing, and revising, when no reviews were going on.
  3. After the revisions where “complete” the final step of creating the final product started (Web Site, PowerPoint, or Word) (A note here: The students did not get to choose the program for the final product. It was dictated by me and it depended on the class (i.e. Web Design) and the course level.)