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Three Stages of Video Production

Written by Chuck Jurich
September 06, 2011

How Young Students Produce Video Texts

So, maybe you want to get students involved in making videos but you don’t know where to start. Its not an easy task but, then again, no writing is. In this section I will take you through the major steps of the video making process. No video production is the same so please remember that flexibility is important.

Students in the after-school program produce video texts in a three stage process similar to the one used in major motion pictures. In the process, the “text” is substantially transformed, revised, and re-authored along the way. The students work with a variety of text modes including speech, print, image, sound, video, real world objects (often as symbols), and digital texts. Video making involves multiple authors– scriptwriters, director, cameraperson, actors, editors, and more– and the final composition is arguably more collaborative than any other text students write in classrooms.

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