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The Results: Were Great!

Written by Kyra Mello
November 04, 2010

Overall, the results were fantastic!

  1. Students original analysis were thoughtful examples of critical thinking in action.
  2. Students were enthusiastic and excited about participating in a online writing environment.
  3. Because they were publishing on a website, they were more careful to produce a finished product.
  4. The students’ discussions with one another were thoughtful and insightful. They furthered students’ critical thinking.
  5. The online forum helped form an academic community beyond our classroom.
  6. Students’ found responses to their writing not only from students in the other classes, but from the public at large. In one instance, one of the website creators of a site under analysis responded to a students’ critique.
  7. Students felt like their writing was read and validated and/or discussed by others.

Below is an example of a person outside the class responding to a student’s work. In fact, the responder was the author of the website, AVEN, the student had analyzed.
Image originally uploaded on 2010-09-11 13:59

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