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The Practical Side of Teaching Reading

Written by Antero Garcia
May 06, 2013

Kelsey,Anna, & Shelby

For this page, since we are introducing practical ways of teaching reading, we thought that it would be appropriate to present our information through a medium that can actually be used in the classroom. A Glogster is essentially an online clip board where an individual can gather information about a specific topic. In our case, we have examples of effective teaching activities. Glogster is a great way to incorporate multimodal learning into the classroom in a way students will love it!

As pre-service teachers, the thought of graduating and actually having our own class to teach is incredibly daunting. As a teacher, there are many different kinds of students that have to be addressed in a classroom. How can we address the needs of every student? How can we continue to challenge the higher level students without overwhelming students with special needs such as ELLs or others? How can we ensure that our students are doing well on standardized tests without losing that human touch? Teaching is an extreme balancing act. It’s not something that you can ever truly become a master of. It is a constant work in progress. These activities that we included in our page are all great starting points for teaching reading. However, they are not perfect. Like the teachers themselves, these activities are a constant work in progress.

The purpose of this page is really for us (and our readers) to explore what sort of practical methods can be used for teaching reading. We hope that these are helpful for pre-service teachers (like ourselves) as well as veteran teachers who are simply looking for new ideas. So thank you for taking the time to look at our page.