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The Lone Techie Teacher...

Written by Tony Iannone
November 08, 2011

Attempting to “bring Twitter” into my 3rd grade classroom is a problematic endeavor at best. Think back with me to the previous page of this resource where I talk to Lil about having my students use Twitter to summarize their learning related to the Social Studies text they are reading. Next, delve into the attachment titled: The Mess Behind the Resource. Go to the section titled: “So what?” Next find and read the “tweets” from Sakiyah and Rylan. These “tweets” were composed right after the students read a short piece about North Carolina festivals. It wasn’t until after the students had completed the assignment and I began writing this resource that I began to wonder how the assignment was NOT an example of the kids “doing school”…digitally? Talking to my UNC-Charlotte Writing Project peeps Lil, Cindy and Lacy enabled me to “re-see” this moment. This discussion happened while creating the attached document, The Mess Behind the Resource. Each of my colleagues read various versions of my resource and responded to it via email. We also talked about it in person and via Skype chats. The discussion revolved around my construction of something I’ll call, the “Lone Techie Teacher”/hero narrative. I’m calling it the “Lone Techie Teacher”/hero narrative because my colleagues asked me to think about how I was constructing myself, my students, the situation in my classroom and…how “the hero” was dealing with it.

“In the moment”…I was trying to create a resource that I felt would resonate with my fellow colleagues here on the Digital Is website…I wanted you to see that I had an idea, I implemented it, it worked and if it worked for me…it could work for you…”I came, I saw, I conquered!!”

Open The Mess Behind Digital Is.doc