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The Lesson

Written by Christopher Working
June 17, 2013

So what lessons have I learned from this whole process? For one, I need to realize that digital spaces, including social networking sites, are hot button issue. One challenge of using technology to take learning beyond the walls of the school is that you’re taking learners into the real world, a place that causes some parents to have anxiety, for valid reasons. At school there’s a certain structure enforced by school policy that just can’t be enforced in the same way digital environments. I understand that.

So if I were to try this again, I would do many things differently. I need to spend time educating parents on the importance of using these tools under the guidance of a mentor.  I need to spend time allowing parents to voice their concerns. I need to make clear my goals and objectives for this work.

I also need to consider ways to accommodate all students in a unit of this type, respecting family values without singling out students. Is there some kind of hybrid implementation? What might that look like?

Ultimately, I need to consider my main purpose. Is it to steep students in the “rules of the road,” providing real practice while I sit in the passenger seat? Or is it simply to make book club conversations visible?

While I don’t necessarily consider this inquiry project to be a failure, I do you think that I learned quite a bit from my bumps and bruises. I certainly have several ideas of how to approach this differently next year.

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