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Telling a Bigger Story

Written by Sally Griffin
November 08, 2011

Several years later, Cassie came to my Creative Writing class. She was different from many of the students and wanted to tell her story with an eye toward creating an understanding about herself and her friends who dressed differently and talked differently from many of the other students.

Sometimes Cassie was angry and sometimes she was thoughtful, but Cassie’s presence was undeniable. Her final piece reflects how far student use of PowerPoint has come and how students began to use this medium to say things to their peers that they could not just say in class.

Cassie currently is doing her student teaching and hopes to become a high school English teacher.

These are just a few of the images from Cassie’s project. Click on the links below to read the powerful text Cassie wrote in the notes for each slide.

Open You’re so Stereotypical Part 1.pdf Open You’re so Stereotypical Part 2.pdf