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"Teaching" the Class

Written by Jonathan Bartels
June 07, 2010

I have a hard time viewing my role in the Mass Media class as teaching. I more consider it to be a form of guiding. The class was driven more by product than anything else, as the students had to create five to fifteen minute videos every day.

I can only think of one traditional type of assignment I gave the students in the mass media class—to go home and watch the news, paying particular attention to the way the anchors speak. I encouraged the students to step out from their normal roles and create their “characters” for the announcements. Aside from that, I tried to keep out of the way. It was important to me for this to truly be a student production. The only times I intervened was when something was going horribly wrong with the content, delivery, or technical aspects of the announcements.

The students were a joy to work with and to watch grow. They went from timid and uncomfortable in front of the camera to fearless. They weren’t afraid to take risks and try new things with voice and editing.