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Teacher Reflections

Written by Kevin Hodgson
July 31, 2010

Throughout the Making Connection project, our teachers were regularly using blogs to reflect on their own experiences with using blogs for writing. Here are few piece of writing from participant teachers:

Growing up in Athol, I understand how living in a small community can become isolating for young people … Sharing their writing with peers in other communities is an invaluable tool that many young people do not get to experience … I believe we can share those (life-long learning) experiences and show the community that we can continue to build positive learning environments in our small town …

– Deborah Piragas, language arts teacher, Athol-Royalston Middle School, Athol, Massachusetts

This project seems to be a great opportunity for all of us – teachers, students, communities, etc. There is a great potential for using these blogs to help different communities communicate in a personal and meaningful way, and hopefully that personal growth for all of us can be a foundation for the academic work. I am hoping that this will be the beginning of new ideas, opportunities, and experiences for building community in and around our schools.

– Drew Hafner, social studies teacher, TOP program, Peck Middle School, Holyoke, Massachusetts

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