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Teacher as Planner

Written by Danielle Filipiak
October 07, 2013

Above is a video discussion featuring panelists Antero Garcia and Jennifer Heymoss.  Here, they discuss lesson planning.  Many of the teachers in our course had questions about conceptualizing lesson plans and what content felt most important to include.  Humorous but dedicated, these phenomenal educators offer glimpses into the intricacies of a unit plan and point to larger issues teachers might consider when approaching any unit of study.  

 Guiding questions around lesson planning that might be discussed more in depth:

  • What does a lesson plan look like?  
  • Where do I begin…With a text? A theme? A standard?
  • How do I plan for an entire unit?  A year? 
  • What do I/should I prioritize as I begin planning?
  • How might I navigate tensions that arise around assessments, standards, Common Core alignment/Ed TPA requirements?