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Supplies we used on filming day

Written by Paul Bogush
January 09, 2013

Filming did require supplies, but the supplies were actually easier to get than I thought. I was able to use cameras that 3M donated ]to our school system, but I think between smart phones and students bringing in digital cameras from home, we would have been covered. At least a couple kids in each class used their own camera or phone.  

We used 12 whiteboard markers, which by the end of the day were trashed.  White board cleaner was a must! We went through two bottles, or at least some kind of cleanser because so much writing was done that in between classes we really needed to totally clean each board. Another thing that we figured out is that paper towels and whiteboard erasers simply didn’t cut it after a while. We took some sweatshirts that had been in lost and found for months and cut them up. That might have been the best idea of the week. 

I had a big roll of white paper that we used that a student teacher left behind ten years ago!  The big roll paper used for bulletin boards would have also worked.  We used the white board in class—you could fit three groups at once—and I also had a sheet of shower board at home that I cut into four pieces.  We also went through a bunch of masking tape.  The kids needed it to tape up their practice sheets from the following day so they were easier to follow.


In order to manage a full day of shooting with multiple classes, we established a checklist and place to return everything. You now how it goes…first period accidentally walks off with one marker, second period 2 more markers, by last class you have one marker.  So I had everyone freeze before leaving and then someone would go through the check-list to make sure everything was back where it belonged.