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Student Samples From Cajon Valley Middle School Lamees' Story

Written by Writing for Change
August 04, 2013

Lamees is another student who has bloomed in this digital space. A very quiet and shy young lady, she had difficulty finding her space in our boisterous classroom. She has also been part of this writing space for two years, and has goals of attending college. In participating in this particular project, she saw herself on a college campus. By the middle of the school year she tested out of our English Learner program, and enrolled into my AVID college prep leadership class. She remains active in our digital program, and came to tutor students this summer in our writing camp.  This is what she said about being part of this project.

“I learned about students background, what they like to eat, what they do, and more. When Mrs.Ilko shared our work with the college students i felt really happy and proud of myself and other students. I felt really excited because older students are looking at my work.”

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