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Student Samples From Cajon Valley Middle School Andre's Story

Written by Writing for Change
August 04, 2013


Andres is a student who I have worked with over the past three years as an English Learner. He did not see himself as a writer, and over the past three years has had many ups and downs in his educational career. But being part of a digital writing world matters to Andres. It has provided him the opportunity to share his ideas and work in ways the traditional classroom does not. He enjoyed creating movies in class, and would write about his life and music on his classroom blog.At the end of the school year students in his Eighth Grade English class were asked to write a poem and share it in front of the class. Andres asked the teacher to record his poem on his cell phone, and he brought it back to me to post on his classroom blog. This young man who often does not see himself in the school setting, brought tears to the eyes of his classmates, his teacher, and myself. There is no greater testament to the power of choice inspiring voice than this piece. He wrote a rap about losing his mother two years ago. Being part of this project showed Andres there was another way to express himself rather than through anger, avoidance or silence. He found his voice, and inspired others to share their stories as well.

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