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Student reflections, My Generation Assignment

Written by Leslie Moitoza
June 07, 2010

“So the digital story project was actually a fun helpful project. It helped me in two major ways! It not only helped me with my academic writing, but it also me have fun! I would love to do this again some days and I’m not so happy it’s over. …”

Adrian’s reflection.doc

“This digital story project helped my writing by really bringing my writing potential out. Before I did this project my writing wasn’t all that great but while I was writing my part of the essay I noticed that it was pretty good. …”

LaMar’s reflection.doc

“Often we came up with what seemed to be a good thesis, but we found that we often broadened our thesis to the point where we couldn’t actually get our point across. This taught me really how to think up of a topic and to find the significance of the chosen topic. …”

Bhavesh’s reflection.doc

“The digital story and its process was a first for me. I don’t usually deal with computers and much less create a story using one. …”

Anonymous reflection.doc

“Completing the digital story project was a unique way of showing me a unique lesson about academic writing. …”

Anonymous 2 reflection.doc

“My experience with our digital story project was amazing and unforgettable. I made many memories in just 4 days. I learned how to be prepared. Second, I have a little flavor on how hard it is to be a movie maker. Lastly, I recalled how fun it was. …”

Anonymous 3 reflection.doc

“Writing is another way to be heard. Just like talking, you can say/write anything you want. In the digital story experience, I saw so many ideas people had that I couldn’t have come up with. Writing can also be expressed in many different ways. …”

Anonymous 4 reflection.doc

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