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Student Reflections

Written by Kevin Hodgson
July 31, 2010

A survey was given to all participants of the Making Connections project. Here are some of the student reflections:

The project, Making Connections, lasted for months through the school year. I liked this project for many reasons. One was that it used technology and a different way of a school writing project in a good way. Another thing that I liked was that the writers got to use feeling into their writing and most of the writing entries were very good. Finally, another reason why I liked this writing project was that you got to interact with many schools in this area. They were also very creative writers and had similar and different opinions as I do. This is why I liked this project.  I also have learned many things while using this blog. I learned how to use constructive tips and not hurtful ones. I have also learned that many writers feel the same way I do in some topics. I have also learned about many writing assignments and how to improve them. This is what I have learned from this project.” — Jim

I liked this project. I liked it because you can express yourself without getting bullied. Kids could write from the heart. So they could write without pressure on your back. By my calculations 90% of students in 99% of schools are not the way they make themselves seem to be. They could be really smart, but not want to show it because of popularity. I learned how to express myself. I was able to write about Megan without feeling mad or sad. I learned how to be a polite critic. I learned to say nice things about others.” — Rose

I like this Weblog project.  I like it because you got to communicate with other students.  I liked doing all of the work for the blog.  It was fun reading and responding to some work from students from other schools.  Weblogging in school is very fun. I learned many things doing this project.  I learned different kinds of ELA writings such as I poems.  I learned how to use constructive criticism.  I learned how to write better in the Blog project.  I learned how to respond better to other students.  I learned personal thing about my friends and classmates.  I have learned a lot doing this Weblogging Writing Project.” – Mike

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