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Standards, Knowledge, Skills, and Understandings

Written by Walter Lewis
November 27, 2017

Content Standards

  • CEW 13.1.11A
  • CEW 13.1.11B
  • CEW 13.1.11F
  • CEW 13.1.11E


  • Overarching Understandings
    • Students will understand that college is a pathway to career choices
  • Related Misconceptions
    • College is unaffordable
    • College is too far to reach 

Knowledge: At the end of the unit students will know…    

  • What natural abilities/talents they have that can lead them to their career
  • What different types of postsecondary institutions exist 

Skills: Students will be able to…

  • plan for and create a budget for college expenses
  • effectively plan a long term goal including problem solving obstacles
  • research a postsecondary institution
  • Use evidence to present their findings