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Standards, Knowledge, Skills, and Understandings

Written by James Brown
November 27, 2017


  • Youth will have an understanding of the relationship between art, technology and community
  • Youth will understand the benefits and challenges of social practice art (About social practice art)

Essential Questions    

  • What is the relationship between art and technology?
  • What is the relationship between art and community? What is the role of art in building community?
  • Can art have a role to play in urban planning issues such as gentrification, environmental justice, urban blight and community development?
  • What do you/we want to say about our community (positive or negative)?    
  • Who is the target audience of our work? What do we hope the audience will get from our work?    


  • Students will know drone safety, various uses of drones, 
  • basic urban planning concepts, examples of map-based artwork
  • Students will review maps of their community and know the various assets and challenges in their community

Skills: Students will be able to…

  • articulate drone safety; identify parts of a drone; fly and land a drone;
  • basic Photoshop skills such as photo manipulation; inserting text; applying effects (Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners)
  • Create screen printed artwork (optional)
  • Present their works and explain the social practices and creative processes involved in creating their work