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Standards, Knowledge, Skills, and Understandings

Written by Mariruth Leftwich
November 09, 2017


Students will:

  • understand that strategies for social change are similar across time and issues
  • understand how they might apply lessons learned from a historic case study to an issue or challenge important to them today


Students will:

  • recognize the relevant knowledge that can be gained from historical analysis and the ways in which such knowledge can empower social change
  • articulate how change was implemented in the past based on analysis of primary sources
  • identify and analyze strategies and practices used in the past that advanced the cause or stalled it
  • document how knowledge of the strategies and practices identified during their historical analysis influences their understanding of change
  • apply this understanding to a current movement related to social change and articulate what is similar and different about the two initiatives


Students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an ability to make claim-evidence connections between primary and secondary sources and their interpretations
  • map the relationship between different elements involved in social change, including policy, leadership, socio-cultural factors, and citizen activism
  • balance different perspectives of those involved in social change by critically examining diverse pieces of archival evidence