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Speed Bumps

Written by Jonathan Bartels
June 07, 2010

After recovering from my amazement that my school provided me with so many play-tools, I was faced with a real problem: no student interest. Call after call went out to the student body. Nothing. Then, after deliberating for a long time, our student body president agreed to be the first student in the class. I then recruited the librarian’s daughter who was scheduled to be a library assistant that period. These two students were the only students willing and able to be a part of the class the first semester. Then next semester there were four students signed up for the class.

Scheduling was a big issue. In order for the project to work the way it worked in my mind, the new mass media class would have to meet during the last period of the day. My schedule wasn’t set up to accommodate that and there wasn’t space or funding for an additional English elective. Fortunately, my administration graciously let me fiddle with the English department scheduling to put myself in an open slot during fourth period. Officially, this was my planning period, but it was also when I would “teach” the Mass Media course.

The only other real problem occurred when the school server decided that it no longer wanted to recognize the Macs in my room. It was a little bit of an ordeal to get them back up and online, simply because our technicians were not familiar with the Apple operating system. However, one technician was willing to learn the Apple operating system. Once he was able to identify the nature of the problem, it was quickly resolved.