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So What? Linking Back to the Community

Written by Cindy Urbanski
November 08, 2011

So, here I am posting my big faux pas on a national site in an attempt to make available the messy nature of learning, the social process of it, and the ways that power and privilege play into what we learn and how we learn and how we narrate what we learn.  Over that past year and a half, I have revised and re-visioned the yoga movie with cut-ins of me talking to myself and pointing out where I’m editing out sociality and sliding head first into bootstrapping.  But in our site, as we think and talk about this moment together, what we are seeing is that finished products like that one don’t show the process.  They paper over the story of how it came to be, and in that papering over the talking, thinking and learning that had to happen in order to make the product in the first place.  Even this piece that you are reading here has been mercilessly revised after being read by and talked about with my group.  And things are still missing from it, like the conversation in a partnership workshop where Lacy, Lil and Sally used my video to talk about the pervasive nature of the bootstrap narrative when we talk about our learning, or the conversation we all had when they were thinking about doing that.  I don’t have the countless conversations between Lacy, Lil, Rashid and I as we tried to negotiate the tight space of school designated by the state and district as “low performing” in order to compose digital learning narratives with 7th grade students.  I don’t have the story of Lacy and I sitting at an Urban Sites conference, chills running up our arms, as we watched the digital creations and face-to-face presentations of the Youth Roots gang.   I don’t have my conversation from this morning with Sally when she was telling me of her project to bring a little Youth Roots to Gaston County.  I don’t have my conversation in the car with Steve and Lacy on the way to the retreat where I wrote this resource here for you to see, because I didn’t have a camera rolling or a digital recorder at hand as it happened.  That conversation and hundreds more like it are a part of this narrative too. 


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