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So What Does It All Mean?

Written by Sally Griffin
November 08, 2011

Today my students are working on many projects—more than one at a time and when I look back, I see how far we have come in such a short time.  They create Glogs, use cartoon sites to make poetry books, publish their work on the web and I marvel at their ability to do all these things.  But the most important part is that while they feel comfortable with the technology and do it with ease, they take on the more difficult challenge of telling their own stories.  The sense of community that we have developed in the classroom provides a sense of safety that allows the storytelling to occur.  

Ever evolving technology gives students a variety of choices in how to tell their stories—from blogs to movies.  In their stories students interrupt the dominant narratives of identity by creating their own alternative stories and weave a rich fabric of who they are.