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So what are implications for the future?

Written by Writing for Change
March 09, 2011

Our next steps…

It feels like the real work, the type of writing instruction and learning that we value currently needs to occur after the “required and mandated” work is done. Yet, students and teachers seem to be willing to take that extra time and space because they recognize and value the importance of the “real work”—which if you stop by the lab on any afternoon doesn’t seem like work at all.

Writing For Change is flourishing at Cajon Valley School. Students are coming to create, to share and publish their work. We currently publish on the Cajon Valley School website, our school newspaper and various sites. This coming June, students will be creating a Digital Memoir highlighting their best work from the year, and we will be inviting staff and parents to celebrate our first year.

Looking toward the future, these questions will guide our next steps…

How can we as teacher leaders move our school systems to provide the autonomy to create these creative and socially responsible environments that allow both teachers and students to create freely on their own time?

How can we secure financial support for this work so all students can participate and materials and tech support can be provided for this type of work?

Isn’t that what we want for the future of education?