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So, How’d that Happen?

Written by Cindy Urbanski
November 08, 2011

The really bizarre thing, to me, is that in my head, as I was composing the draft, I had been thinking of all who contributed to my yogi-ness.  One reason I had chosen this particular narrative is because of a close friend of mine through the Writing Project, who had actually coached me through my major issues with yoga feeling “too slow” and therefore, in my mind, not cardiovascular exercise.  She introduced me to Vinyasa yoga, helped me find a video to work with, and asked me about it regularly, pushing me and encouraging me.  

And that’s just one person in the plethora of people that were a part of my Yoga learning. There are plenty of others:  my husband and children, who gave me time and space to pursue yoga, my friends in the neighborhood who organized a Sunday afternoon yoga event in someone’s basement that pushed me to get out of my own living room and practice with others and with a teacher,  my friend Tony who has been committed to the practice of yoga for many more years than I have, and talked me regularly about fitting his practice into his busy life.  And that’s just the first string.

And then there are the other layers.  As an upper middle class, married white woman, I have the resources to learn about and practice yoga.  I have a flexible job that allows me time and space to learn about and practice yoga.  I have the financial resources to buy a video, to pay for classes, to have enough energy and hours in my day to practice for an hour.   I have the access to the internet in my home and a lap top computer that makes information about yoga accessible to me 24 hours per day.  I have a wonderful family doctor who is sports minded, but also progressive.  I was able to do physical therapy in the same room with NFL football players.  

These things made yoga a possibility for me.  Without them, all of the hard work and perseverance I could muster wouldn’t have brought me into that glorious side crow at the end of the clip.

But I was wrestling with the technology and trying to produce a product that wasn’t too long, and that dominant narrative is so pervasive in our ideologies, that all of that got papered over and cut out, left in a pile of virtual film on the editing room floor.