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Six Word Memoirs

Written by Writing for Change
March 09, 2011

The Six Word Memoir project came from the work of Smith Magazine, an online publishing site. The idea is that everyone has a story to tell, and some of the best stories are told in only six words. Writing for Change students and teachers each wrote about their lives in only six words, and the words and images were put together in a digital movie format by the students. This work continued into the fall with the Writing for Change afterschool program. The entire school wrote six word memoirs, and the editorial team is in the process of selecting the best of the best and creating an iMovie to be shown both on the website and throughout the school. Again, the work of the summer spills into the school year promoting voice and respect for individuality.

Open 6_word_memoir_lesson.pdf Open Raised_By_lesson.pdf Open podcasting_basics_handout.pdf Open imovie_basics_handout.pdf

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