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Shaping Worlds w/ a Sense of Justice: Detroit Future Schools

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017

The work of Detroit Future Schools grew out of grassroots collaborations with educators and community activists, flowering multiple projects that seek to bridge the gap between education and community change. A recent iteration of this work can be found in their “No Water, No Life” project led by students and carried into the internationally-renowned Allied Media Conference.

“Through these projects, students create media that explores essential questions about their lives and their communities, empowering them to use media to shape their worlds. In DFS classrooms, media-making is not the end goal but one of the vehicles through which we develop essential skills. Bobby shared these thoughts about the final video: “The film, I think, is a powerful example of young people taking on an issue in their community, and amplifying their own voice regarding the issue, with humor, nuance, sophistication, and a sense of justice.”

Read more at Allied Media.

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