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Shaping Real World Relationships with Greetings from East LA

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017

In this 2015 LRNG Cohort project, teachers were able to utilize a number of local partnerships in order to leverage a powerful community-engagement project with their students. Inviting multiple mentor groups to the table (college students, local planning professionals, small business owners, community advocates, journalists, etc.) they were able to create a platform for young people to explore multiple futures while being affirmed within their own home community. This is not to say that this project is perfect, but to honor the intentions that sit at the core. 

“The educators are conscious of leaving the students with real-world skills and a portfolio of work—publication in the LA Times can’t hurt—that will help them when they apply to college or jobs. A younger cohort of ELARA students will take part in a short urban planning program at USC this summer, and the hope is that some will end up attending that school themselves later on. If they do, they will arrive on campus aware that they have the power to shape their communities.” Read more at Educator Innovator.

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