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Research Tools

Written by Jeremy Hyler
July 25, 2011

There are many digital research tools available to students today.  One research tool I have had success with is Zotero (  Zotero is downloadable through firefox.  The students can collect valuable sources for their multi-genre research project and store them in Zotero.  Later on after they have collected their resources, they can organize them and just use the ones they deem more valuable.  It even has an option where you can cite sources on Zotero.

In years past, I have given fifteen(15) notecards to students to use for gathering data.  They would write the source on one side of the notecard and any information they gathered about their topic on their other side of the card.  The students would do nothing but complain about this part of the research process, especially the boys.  Also, when it came time to collect the notecards for assessment, I had a plethora of boys not turn in all of their notecards.  With Zotero, the boys and girls are relieved they don’t have to turn in any notecards and they don’t have to worry about losing anything.  It keeps them organized.  Zotero is easy to use for the boys and they don’t have any excuses for not locating their sources.