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Reflection and Next Steps

Written by Writing for Change
August 05, 2013

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Reflection and Evaluation

Cajon Valley Middle School

What we have learned through this process is the power of creating spaces that allow for a variety of entry points, and values the process instead of just final projects. My students live in a world where college seems a far off dream. To see the images and hear the voices of graduate students who still struggle with the academic English language, or share stories that mirror their own was empowering. By participating with the students through the digital space, they saw themselves in a new light. They were empowered and motivated to create a piece that was worth sharing to this larger audience.  The entire premise of the project, that my middle school students had something important to share, resonated throughout our classroom and inspired them long after this one project was completed. When they were able to see their work along side of college students, and the focus became about the work, and not their age or life experience, students on both sides of the project began to see learning differently. 

University of San Diego

Students in a graduate education class often times do not get to work with students during their courses. They will study videos, or write plans, but to work with students in this manner was an entirely different perspective. Many students particularly enjoyed being able to write something creative and complete a project as a student participant, rather than the role of teacher. The element of play, and the realization that using technology sometimes creates roadblocks, allowed the students to learn by doing. They were able to see the lesson from a student perspective, and when taking something like this into their own classroom someday, they will plan with a different lens. 

A Final Thought

Dr. Christine Kane will be teaching another Media class in the Spring of 2014. We will be creating another opportunity for our students to collaborate and write with the graduate class. One aspect of the project we are looking to explore is the use of the Edmodo site. It will be interesting to see if the students have the opportunity to talk together more extensively on that platform what effect that will have on the student generated writing on both sides of the project. You can check out other student samples and watch our continued work at

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