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Written by Writing for Change
March 09, 2011

“Raised By Samoan Women” by Christiana, based on “Raised by Women” by Kelly Norman Ellis

Based on a poem called “Raised by Women,” in Teaching for Joy and Justice by Linda Christensen (p. 17), students were given the opportunity to write about the influences on their lives. Some students wrote about a particular role model or family member. Some students wrote about being raised by social trends like video games. This particular example highlights the concept “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this piece, Christiana is raised by many influential women. After she created this piece in the summer, she was inspired in the fall to perform a traditional Samoan Dance at her school talent show, honoring the women in the audience who came to see her and providing students at the middle school a glimpse into her culture. It was truly an amazing performance, inspired by this one project.

Open 6_word_memoir_lesson.pdf Open Raised_By_lesson.pdf Open podcasting_basics_handout.pdf Open imovie_basics_handout.pdf

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