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Preparation for the creation of a Choose Your Own Adventure story

Written by Gary Pope
January 25, 2011

Get the students familiar with the genre

  1. Read the books (Either online or they are also back in print)
  2. Online versions
  3. Smart phone Apps (U-Ventures, Magnetism Studios)

Guidelines for the assignment

  1. The reader must be able to make at least three choices before an ending.
  2. The story is told in second person
  3. The story must comply with the genre (simple, direct, plot twists, and
    written for 9-12 year olds)
  4. Descriptions of death, violence, and the like need to be age
    appropriate(no sex).

Create an outline

The purpose of the outline is two-fold.  One to get the students used to the idea that these types of stories are discrete events that are linked together.  The second purpose is to make editing chunks of a reasonable size for quick peer review, a few paragraphs at most.

Some used text boxes in MS Word…

Word Outline

…others did not.

Image originally uploaded on 2010-09-11 12:14

Here is a near finished outline:

Image originally uploaded on 2010-09-11 13:48

Choose Your Own Adventure Book as Directed Graph” by Sean Michael Ragan