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Poster Writing

Written by Jeremy Hyler
July 25, 2011

Here are a few student examples of using poster writing as a genre in my classroom. The student who created the Eminem piece had low motivation prior to the project.  This is one of the genres he produced using a web tool called Glogster ( I was in awe of his effort when it came to embedding music in the Glog and how he actually wrote really informative information about Eminem within the requirements given to him. The 4-H example is from a young man who did a solid job of writing for me, but his creativity side was a challenge.  Please click on each link below the screenshot to get the full effect of the glogs.

Student Glog about Eminem

Student Glog about 4-H

When I introduced Glogster to my students the boys went crazy in my classroom.  I have witnessed boys being intently active for an entire 55 minute block.  They love the choices they have for pictures and they love the fact you can put your own pictures on the glog and embed music into it as well.  Again, with this being more of a visiual genre the boys excelled. 

I allow my students to have freedom with their topic and what they put into their glogs. When boys knew they could use sound bites of belches and farts as long as it related to their topic within the research project, they were ecstatic.

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