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Pitching the Product

Written by Jonathan Bartels
June 07, 2010

Like so many projects I start with my students, this one began with my own desire to play with and explore digital video production. As a result, the Williamston Digital Broadcasting Project was launched. 

Announcements at Williamston High School

Old Way

New Way

Gathered and typed by vice principal

Gathered and typed by students

Read by SGA volunteer participants

Read by Mass Media class members

Shot and aired live

Prerecorded and edited

The “old way” was not the most efficient use of time. So I pitched an alternative to my administrators:

There is no need for the responsibility of daily announcements to fall on the already over-taxed administration and a few students who regularly volunteer their time before school. With proper hardware and software, we can create a much more professional announcement program and begin podcasting as a form of community outreach. This model will allow the meaningful incorporation of 21st century literacy practices while highlighting the qualities
and attributes of Williamston High School.

Yeah, I practiced before I went to that meeting.

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