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Participatory Culture: Building Blocks

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 19, 2011

The Participatory Culture Suite from CoSN is a set of resources designed to support administrators and other school leaders as they work to transform their schools into Web 2.0-enabled participatory learning environments. The resources provide school leaders with several tools for reflecting on their own and their school’s use of Web 2.0. There are role-specific action plans for superintendents, administratiors, chief technology officers, and chief academic officers. The suite also includes audience-specific handouts and a slide presentation for school leaders to use with parents, teachers, and other staff in building support for the transformation to participatory learning with Web 2.0.

The suite is divided into three sections:

Leading with Web 2.0 
Premier resource for school administrators on collaborative tools in K-12 education. 

Learning with Web 2.0 
Community toolkit for school administrators to build understanding and support for collaborative tools in K-12 education. 

Transformative Leadership with Web 2.0.
Assessment tool for school leaders to identify level of engagement in becoming a Transformative Leader with Web 2.0. 

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