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Written by Kim Oldenburgh
February 19, 2011

Again, in November kids were able to easily choose their topic for their timeline writing.

This was the first time they wrote their complete entry on paper first. They were very excited to use the stand up clip boards in the lab they had been wanting to use since the first week they went to the lab.

Franc’s November Timeline Writing: November was a fun month because we did the best part of me. I like the best part of me.

(Each student wrote a poem about their Best Body Part and we created a poetry movie. You can watch it above.)

Ana’s November Timeline Writing: November was a lot of fun! I loved going to Germany. We learned how to say good morning in German-Guten Tak! Did you know that gummy bears, Christmas trees, and wristwatches were invented in Germany? I knew that the capital of Germany is Berlin.

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