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Written by Gina Doyle
March 25, 2011

As of this writing my inquiry is still incomplete.  During the month of April, poetry month, we will be sharing these poetry movies with the entire school during the morning broadcast.   The plan is to show one movie each day.  During that month we will also revisit writing poetry.  This time we will be writing about place.  Using Rural Voices Radio as an example students will write about places which are special to them.  I envision students creating another iMovie to present their writing.  This time they would most likely use their own images.  We, the students and I, may also select the best poems or projects to produce our own “Voices” CD.  In future years I envision opening this up to other grades in the school.  I also will be encouraging my students to choose a favorite poem to share with others on “Poem in Your Pocket Day” which is April 14, 2011.  

At the end of the year I will have students retake the poetry survey though I will reshuffle the statements.  I look forward to seeing if our work in this area has made a difference.

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