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Meet the teachers

Written by Christina Cantrill
January 22, 2012

These introductions were transcribed from my interviews:

Paul Allison, New York City Writing Project, @paulallison

I am Paul Allison and I am an English teacher in the Bronx right now. I have been teaching for 29 years in the NYC school system. And joined up with the New York City Writing Project shortly after I began teaching in 1985. … Six years ago I started an online show called Teachers Teaching Teachers and about the same time we started a site called Youth Voices.

Bud Hunt, Colorado State University Writng Project, @budtheteacher

I am Bud Hunt. I’m an instructional tech coordinator in Northern Colorado. I have been online in various forms and fashion intentionally for six years now … I am the father of three. I have been working, this semester and during the time [of this study,] on a master’s thesis so I am living a bit in the english world and a bit in the tech world right now and spend most of that time bridging the gap between school and infrastructure wherever I go.

Lacy Manship, UNC Charolotte Writing Project, @now_awake

I’m Lacy Manship and … my background is in early childhood education …. I taught kindergarten and first grade in our public school district in Charlotte for eight years and became involved with the National Writing Project at that time. Over the last three years I’ve been a graduate student and working for the UNC Writing Project doing a lot of professional development and consultant work as Associate Director. I am [also] adjunct teaching … in the childhood family studies dept in the college of ed and first year writing.

Meenoo Rami, Philadelphia Writing Project, @mrami2

I am Meenoo Rami. I teach in the Philadelphia school district. I’ve taught there for the past six years. I joined the Philadelphia Writing project through the SI in summer 2010 and since then I’ve had opportunities to learn more about the writing project and the interesting work teachers are doing and I’ve had a chance to write and reflect about my practice in the classroom. … I think I have grown tremendously because of the exposure to wider ways teachers sort of exist in various educational systems and experiences and its been really interesting for me.

Chad Sansing, Central Virginia Writing Project, @chadsansing

I’m Chad Sansing. I teach Humanities classes at a VA charter school that is an arts-infused and literacy focus for non-traditional middle school learners. I probably got started with social media about the time that I came to the school, so maybe three or four years ago. Primarily, at first, it was just as a collector of interesting tweets and resources, [but] since then, [I am] back into blogging and tweeting with more of a purpose, or more of a perspective, at least. I’ve got two kids who both go to school in Central Virginia.