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Looking for Sources of Coherence in a Fragmented World: Notes Toward a New Assessment Design

Written by Anne Herrington & Charlie Moran
February 28, 2011

In this article posted with permission from the journal Computers and Composition, Kathleen Blake Yancey takes on the question of the assessment of new media compositions. 

Beginning with the assumption that “coherence” is a central feature of both print and digital texts, Yancey explores what that means for digital texts, focusing on the kind of relationships that are created among various features of a text. As a foundation for assessment, she presents a heuristic to encourage an inquiry-based stance toward digital compositions that focuses on types of arrangements created, their intention, and their effects.

Looking for Sources by Kathleen Yancey.pdf Copyright © 2003 by Elsevier Inc. Posted with permission. Yancey, Kathleen Blake. 2004, March. “Looking for sources of coherence in a fragmented world: Notes toward a new assessment design.” Computers and Composition 21 (1): 89-102.

Open looking for sources_kathleen_yancey.pdf

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