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Lesson Plan

Written by Walter Lewis
November 27, 2017

Initial Questions to consider:

  • Utilize open discussion to identify student knowledge of college to career pathway. 
  • Unit is designed for students who self-select to participate. 
  • Students will review and refine their work through peer review, open ended questions with staff and self-reflection
  • Students will show their learning through short share outs with each deliverable culminating into the presentation at the end of the unit. 
  • Student work is individualized and student led, teachers will have freedom to check in frequently with students not engaged. 
  • Each activity builds off previous lessons and includes a teaching portion followed by a independent ‘making’ session. Students have freedom to work at their own pace with the unit designed with room to allow for students working at a slower pace to have time and activities for students who work at a faster pace to have activities. 

Activity Plan

  • Complete and discuss 16 personalities assessment
    • To engage all learners, class discussion about the different personalities and how are all of they are all necessary will follow assessment 
  • Complete ACT Major Map and discuss potential pathways to career options
  • Students will identify potential careers based off the likes and dislikes identified through the major map on the ACT profile and potential majors to reach that career. 
  • Complete College Worksheet from career option
  • Utilize student obstacle map to create short and long term goal.
    •  To include multiple learning styles students will have the option to draw, build (with materials from makers box), or write their obstacles and solutions. 
  • Utilizing XQ schools Pay for College tool, create a budget after finding true cost of college. 
  • Prepare and deliver a 3-5 minute presentation explaining how the pieces all come together 

Open Choosing a College Sheet.pdf Open College Research Worksheet.pdf Open HCV Pathway to College Curriculum for Sprout Fund.pdf Open HCV Sprout Pathway to College Curriculum.pdf Open Potential Career – College Worksheet.pdf Open SMART Goals.pdf